Newton Movie Review: It Is Pure Gold And Should Be Watched


This movie directed by Amit Masurkar is based on the faction between reality and beliefs. The story revolves around a gritty and upright election officer, who is sent to the troubled region of Chattisgarh to conduct fair elections in the area, which is in total control of naxals. Because this guy, ‘Newton’ has a notion and idea of his own, his relationship with ‘Aatma Singh’ becomes troubled, as Aatma is an army officer who is trying to save everyone from the troubles of insurgency and other mishaps, this voting place is prone to.

The film pinpoints on the subject of democracy that we Indians take pride in. It shows the life of people who are living in jungles of Chattisgarh, grappling with utmost poverty and insurgency problem. The scenes are touching when it displayed how innocent village folks are manipulated while they are given instructions on a voting machine. The film is such an embodiment of honesty that it raises fiery questions but at the same time never pretends to have all solutions that cliché Bollywood movies show. On the other hand, it presents multiple perceptions about ‘rooted’ difficulties of our nation through its various characters.

Rajkummar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi are in rock solid form in the film. Both gave a terrific performance and took the movie to the level it set out to reach. Their body language and acting skills are as natural and real as it could get. Both of these actors sunk their tooth in their portrayal of their characters. Newton is an everyman story without being boring. It is pure gold.Make sure you make time for it!


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