OMG! Shraddha Kapoor Puts on 17 kgs For This Film!


She is an epitome of sultry beauty! Ever imagined this delicate doll transforming herself into a shrewd and fuller version of someone? Well, this time, this pretty girl is giving us a shocking surprise by gaining heavy weight to fit into the role of ‘Haseena Parker’ (Gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s sister). It is also reported that she was advised for padding but the actress wanted to be totally real to her role and chose the hard way to bring authenticity to this character.


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This diligent actress aims to receive National Award for her performance pertaining to this role. The irony now is that the actress is struggling to go back into her original shape and has also stated that gaining weight was easy but shedding weight is a tough job. Well, Shraddha has definitely raised the expectations for the viewers with her ‘weight gaining’ act and we wish her all the best for her upcoming flick!

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