Padmaavat Movie Review: Ranveer Singh As Alauddin Khilji Has Created History

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Sanjay Leela Bhansali made another movie which fits nicely over his loved space of making grand cinema. This base on which this movie is made (Padmaavat) is about Sultan Allauddin Khilji’s obsession for an unattainable queen (Rani Padmini of Chittor) has many emotions. This movie has been constructed with huge emotions, grandiose and cinema epic which is a sign of ‘Bhansali’s Cinematic Venture’. It is a saga of a power-packed Sultan (Allauddin Khilji, portrayed by Ranveer Singh) and his one and only intention to acquire the queen of Chittor (rani Padmini) played by Deepika Padukone) whom people have claimed to be unattainable for him. The dialogue ‘’Allah Ki Banai Hui Har Cheez Par Allauddin Ka Haq Hai’’ by Ranveer Singh as Allauddin Khilji will definitely be the historical one.

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Ranveer Singh has breathed life into the character of Allauddin and has given audience villain forever! His aberrant, unrelenting and barbaric appearance is a portrait of peril and his role is the most captivating character in the film. He has played the part with such lavishly grotesque appeal that it is impossible to even blink when he is on-screen! Sex appeal and a swag of powerful and severe bad guy has made him both fascinating and repulsive at the same time. He finds a trustworthy ally in ‘Mallik Gafoor’, played with finesse by Jim Sarbh. Here, he befriends Allaunddin’s nefarious and perverse moments and reveals equally callous and cruel heart himself. Their moments together are pure bliss in the flick.

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The romance between Ratan Singh, portrayed by Shahid Kapoor and Rani Padmini is subtle and little mushy at places. Soon after Ratan Singh fell for Padmini’s beauty, they are shown to be married off. The couple is seen so much infatuated by each other that most of the time, their romance is displayed by making them stare in each other’s eyes in a hypnotized manner, so much so, that audience felt thankful to Allauddin’s rude encroachment between this love-story by waging a war on Chittor.

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The practice of customs like ‘Sati’ is considered regressive today but the irony here is that the director of the film has shown it in such a glorified manner, that it has become tricky to choose between criticizing or appreciating the scene. This custom is shown as Padmavati’s choice of death over dishonor which might leave you perplexed to choose between clapping and scorning.

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The grand scale and intimacy displayed in the war scenes are crafted with perfection and will make the audience go gaga with emotions. There is magnificence in poetry that is shown now and then in the film. The film is an ode to Rajput pride and the characters in the film are seen reciting their honor now and again, bears testament to this statement. Deepika Padukone has done justice to her role and is more effective in the second half when her character takes the driving seat. Even after great work done by Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, the film belongs to Ranveer Singh. His infectious and inexplicable fine performance is what that kept audience invested. This is Ranveer Singh’s show that just cannot be missed!

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