Richa Chadha’s Ten Magnificent Years In Bollywood

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After being in the industry for ten long years, actress Richa Chadha has been a proof that no matter what the world thinks of an actor if the actor has an ability, he will make an impression and will not give a chance to the people to typecast them. By proving her mettle with her exceptional acting skills, she has done roles which are starkly different from one another and has have given us memorable and genuine characters through the films she did. Let us recall three of her roles from the time she spent in Bollywood.

‘Dolly’ from Oye Lucky Lucky Oye

She played a girl who is rustic but believes that she is top class and is a real ‘pataka’. That was her character in the flick. She even revealed that she changed her pronunciation of dialogues on her own and the most amazing one is the one where she has turned the word ‘hot’ into ‘hoat’ to bring a more genuine feel to the small town girl role who is desperate to make an impression by speaking English. She even told that when she used to return from college, she heard the girls talking about calling the ‘vegetarian’ vegetable and lots and lots of English mistakes. This was her uninformed training session and reason that she pulled that role with great finesse.

Nagma Khatoon In Gangs Of Wasseypur

That character is something which is an aspiration to many actors out there. The way she aged in the sequels, her accent and all the things related to that role was done so naturally and truly that it looked like she was someone who was not acting but a real person. She told that it was hard for her to pull off a role of a mother of an actor who was equal to her age but she managed it with perfection.

Bholi Punjaban in Fukrey

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The part where she is a dominating boss and had two henchmen who understand her completely and is a complete ball-buster. She has the lines like ‘agar mera paisa dooba to doguna mai tere pichwade se haath dalke nikal lungi’. Whoa! Such rough lines and that too for an Indian girl! Well, Richa Chadha proves that there is no gender in an actor and an actor is just an actor. Don’t you feel it’s absolutely right guys??

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