Rukh Movie Review: It Is A Film Which Will Command Your Attention!



Rukh speaks about letting a loved one go and is created in a realistic manner. This flick is about accepting the truth and accepting what one has become. The story has a simple theme but the way director Antanu Mukherjee has put everything together makes this movie deserving accolades. The plain story of a son trying to find a mystery about his father’s death which is disguised in car accident in a film, evokes hard and genuine emotions. This part is portrayed by Adarsh Gaurav, eighteen-year-old son who delves deeper into the secret behind his father’s death when he comes to know hidden truth about his dad.

He gets the whiff that his mother is keeping something away from him but he is determine to plumb the depths of his father’s death even going through a rough patch from his own past life. Slowly he discovers things that he never knew about his dad and this helps him to find solutions to his own issues.


The only problem with the film is that it unfolds at a very slow place. Manoj Bajpayee has a very less screen presence but he did complete justice to what he was given. The ending is a cop out but the flick is powered by strong performances. Smita Tambe as Manoj Bajpayee’s wife too is in good form along with the other actors. The flick is worth your time. Do watch!

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