Secret Superstar Is A Gamut Of “Genuine” Emotions!



The scene in the movie where a student is caned, when she was unable to explain the meaning of word ‘irony’. That moment was worth marking because it was the very crux of irony and several other emotions in ‘Insia’s’ life. ‘Insia’, a fifteen-year-old girl, who belongs to middle-class Muslim family has a dream to be a songstress but has several obstructions. Main being his tyrant father portrayed by Raj Arjun. He played his part with pure heartiness and it really makes the viewers hate him in several scenes, where he is depicted as controlling and unjust.

Meher Vij as Insia’s mom is stupendous in the movie, and the way in which she helps her daughter to realize her dreams is worth giving accolades. Aamir Khan clearly enjoyed himself in the flick by playing a flamboyant personality, and his dialogues like bas mata ki den hai” packs much laughter. This film talked about many important issues like the frustration which teenagers go through during their growing years, empowerment, liberty etc.


Zaira Wasim as Insia had really won hearts and has taken the acting benchmark many notches higher. Her expressions and body language do not even have a hint of artifice and her performance makes us palpable at every point in the movie. ‘Secret Superstar’ is real, authentic and has an ample bang for your buck! Do not miss it at any cost!

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