Tapsee Pannu Follows These Commandments To Stay Successful!


Tapsee Pannu has proved her mettle in Bollywood films like ‘Naam Shabana’ and ‘Baby’. She has also shown her bubbly and beautiful side in films like ‘Chashmebaddoor’ and ‘Judwaa2’. Whatever she has done, she has made her fans loved her more and more and has garnered appreciation for her work. Ever wondered how this gorgeous actress switch from the skin of a fighter to a beauty queen while switching roles? Or ever thought what are the mantras she follows to keep her success intact! Well, here I spill the beans about her acting commandments. Read on, they are surely going to impress you!

1)      Most Important Personality Trait

The actress feels that actor should possess ‘special’ aura that works for him/her which does not need words. Your qualities and ‘aura’ are something that automatically catches the attention of people!


2)      To What Extent She Can Push Herself For A Great Role?

To this, the gorgeous lady responds that obviously, she would not make herself uncomfortable to the extent of crying while trying out for perfection! She adds that she hates crying on-screen and for this, she has to torture her brain a lot and so weeping is the toughest part for her to play!


3)      The Trick To Overcome Biggest Failure

Listen to your heart and nothing else. This is what the actress opines when asked about the tip to overcome failures.


4)      Inspiration To Go On Seys Everyday

Changing roles and not repeating the kinds of stuff that have worked for her is the crux which acts as an impetus to push her to go on sets every day. Repetition of roles would be something which will sap all the enthusiasm is what the actress feels!



5)      What Keeps Her Attendants Happy?

She laughs and says ‘I do not whip them’. Further, Tapsee says that she hopes that they are happy as she has not given special attention to this thought.


6)      Managing Ego!

She has a family and friends who make her feel normal. She goes to them and feels like an ordinary happy person as they are the one who vanishes all the ‘airs’ around her.



7)      Biggest Learning From A Co-Actor

Very impressive reply to this! The actress says that not forgetting the roots and the place one has come from is the biggest learning she has achieved from a co-actor. Also, she says that there should be nothing in life that should be taken as granted.


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