‘Tere Mere’ From ‘Chef’ Will Make You Miss Your Love!


Bollywood has given us many awesome tracks! These include a vast variety of flavours. From romantic to party numbers to soothing, Bollywood lovers have never been deprived of any mood when it comes to tracks from our loved Hindi film industry. Having said that, the craze for newly released songs had never been shortened even a bit till date, especially when an awaited movie is associated with it.



Currently, a song from Saif Ali Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Chef’ has been released which is swiftly gaining attention on social media and garnering a plethora of likes and shares. The ditty is high on emotions and features the actor missing the times he spent with his wife (played by Padmapriya). The visuals also featured the actress reminiscing the good-times she had with her hubby (here portrayed by Saif). It is clear from the song that couple is residing separately due to career choices and priorities, but this decision has taken a toll on their relationship. The song mainly emphasizes the importance of ‘love’ over everything.


To add to the sentimental feel, Armaan Malik’s lilting voice did complete justice to the track. Rashmi Virag’s lyrics matches completely with the visuals and the feel of the song and is realistic at most effective manner. The song is undoubtedly going to leave your peepers with moisture!

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