The Commuter Movie Review: It Has All The Ingredients Which Viewers Expect!

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At present, the actor Liam Neeson is 65 years of age still has a charm and magic which he shows in films of the thriller genre. Since the time of his reinvention (aptly in 2008 released ‘Taken’) as an impressive action hero, this persona of him is adored by his fans. This is his fourth movie venture with Spanish born director Jaume Collet-Serra), and like his earlier flick with him, even in this, he has an image of a do-gooder which has been elevated. The third movie is set around a Metro-North Train which goes from Grand Central Station of Manhatten, the movie traces the path of Neeson’s character completely. Here, a man who has been fired from his job of an insurance salesman, named as Michael McCauley meets a mysterious woman (, portrayed by Vera Farmiga) who gives her a weird yet intriguing proposition which makes the poor guy wonder. The offer is 100000 dollars for revealing the identity of a passenger who is traveling with cloaked identity.

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As soon as he says yes, he is surrounded by all mishaps. He immediately gets a call which reveals that his wife and don are being threatened for lifr2. This is the kind of role that Liam is tailor-made for! He comes to know that he has to follow all the orders failing which his family members would be killed. The story is pretty simple but the actor plays his parts with such a finesse that it works.

The pacing of the film is so stunning that it keeps you on the edge of your seat but if you carefully inspect it, the high concept of the film will appear ridiculous.One scene which stands out is the scene involving fistfighting, which will make your heartbeats racing. Eben after this, the movie becomes a mess when train accidents are shown and the protagonist taking huge risks to save the day! But his performance is so impressive that the flaws are eclipsed and the energy level never went down.The movie is as simple but yet interesting because of hard-hitting acting performance and the thrills that it offered. Watch it and enjoy, but don’t expect much!

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