5 Things Sri Devi Tells About Her Upcoming Movie “Mom”


The movie “Mom” is intriguing us to the optimum level. Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the film to release. Most importantly, people are excited to see Sri Devi back on-screen after a long time! During an interview, she revealed some kinds of stuff about her upcoming flick. Let me tell you guys what are the questions she answered!



Q) Why did it take so long after “English Winglish” to return back to movies?

A) To this, the actress replied that it was not a conscious decision just took the time to put things together.



Q) Her husband and the film’s producer told the media that she disconnected from her routine because she was deeply invested in the film. Her comment?

A) Here she tells us that being a mother it helped her to understand the character deeply and she got immersed in it. She barely spoke to her husband during the course of shooting “Mom”. She further adds that she got connected and she could feel the pain of the character being a mother herself.



Q) Mom is a film that has three amazingly talented actors who do not talk alot? So was it difficult to get along with them?

A) The actress laughs and says that the director of the movie has compensated for everything because he is a “chatterbox”. He talked so much that the three actors never felt any communication gap among each other. She went in to say that she admires Nawazuddin a lot and so most of her time went on to observe him deeply!



Q) Mom is going to be 300th film of Sri Devi! By being in the industry for such a long time, how does she avoid being trapped in bringing same performance on-screen?

A) She says that she still feels like a newcomer and she still feels like a student. That is how she portrays something new every time she does a movie.



Q) Does she think that opportunities for the actresses in their 40s are better in West than here in Bollywood?

A) With a firm confidence, the actress replies and says “absolutely”. But she also highlights the fact that the times are changing and Bollywood is also having a positive change in this regard.


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