Top 5 Film Festivals Of The World

Great Film Festivals Of The World!

Each and every country has its own cinema and the craze for cinematic work is tremendous all over the world. Keeping in mind the diligence that film-makers along with other crew members put to make a film, there are platforms which celebrate cinema from all over the globe. Here, I give you the list of top five such Film Festivals, that every cinephile should know about!

  1. Zurich Film Festival

This year, Zurich Film Festival proved to be one of the most calm film festivals. This was the 13th year of this film festival and at a very fast pace, it is becoming an essential stop for annual film calendar. The most prestigious award is the ‘golden-eye’ award in this gathering. Talking about 2017, nearly for eleven days, the festival played host to film-makers from around the world. The beauty of the city is another factor which attracts movie-buffs from all over the globe to this place.

2. Indian Film Festival Of Melbourne



Colours and lights are the alluring stuffs in IFFM which has great fan following in the Australian city (Melbourne), where this festival unfolds every year! The festival mainly screens films from Bollywood but has opened its arms to the films beyond Hindi Cinema. Films of more than fifteen languages had been screened this year in this grand film event. The occurrence nurtures and encourages the audience to engage with the best of Hindi movies every year.

3.Berlinale or Berlin International Film Festival

This is one of the most reputable and recognized film festivals on the global platform. The best films from across the world are screened in this fest and it offers the facilities and amenities to the movies like no other platform. Fortunately, “Newton” from India was officially selected for the screening this year in this jamboree, which had actor Rajkummar Rao in the lead role.

4.Cannes Film Festival

This is the filmy fiesta that most people know and talk about. High style and attractive read carpet shows are hugely appreciated by fans. It is held annually in Cannes (city in France) and invites film from all genres. This filmy gala is a great platform to celebrate films and is a world famous stage which gives movie-recognition at the intercontinental level.

5.Toronto Film Festival

Founded in 1976, this is one of the largest publicly attended movie events. Workshops, funding, screenings, industry support and many other stuffs related to films are offered in this annually held film festival of Toronto. This year, for the first time, actress Priyanka Chopra has attended this gala with her own film ‘Pahuna’.

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