Top 5 Movies That Captured The Real Life Of Delhi

There is a constant battle between Delhi and Mumbai, considering the comparisons that are made between these two cities. Undoubtedly, Mumbai is a muse to movies, but our movie makers have embraced all the places in their movie making, and Delhi holds the importance even more! What fabulous is that there are flicks which have captured Delhi so beautifully, that our audience salutes filmmakers for such movies till date. Here we bring few of them!




This flick mainly kept the emphasis on the teenagers of Delhi and their life. Surrounded by the vitality of the cities of Delhi, the flick captured the life of scholars of Delhi, whose lives are filled with the mix of innocence and emotions and the movie also exposed the generation gap, which lead to the heinous crimes by misleading teens! The film was an important one as it imparts an important lesson to both parents and children, who stand amidst the border of childhood and youth!




Capturing the desire to be among those attractive “Delhites” whose fluent English and razzle-dazzle lives become the sole passion for the youths from small towns. Not only this but also, it focused on the fact that to what extent studying in “DU” colleges among these localities of Delhi gives the outsiders a high. The focus later shifts to the stuff concerned with drugs, but the themes about Delhi took this movie many notches higher.


3.Delhi 6


Filled with songs that have made their special place for the present and for the generation to come, this flick through the camera recorded old Delhi and its “Chandini Chowk” in a beautiful manner. The other focus was giving an idea about the cultural differences and also the difference that persists between the way of lives between old and new Delhi was another thing that made the story of the flick more attractive!


4.Band Baaja Baaraat!


Apart from the fact that the two leads Anushka and Ranvir through this flick brought their acting chops to the table, the flick gave a stunning visual about how boys, who come from other times become mad behind ‘Delhi Girls’ and most of the time fantasizing about them. Songs of the flick, particularly “Tarkeebein’’ throw lights on the streets of Delhi, and the other scenes gave us the exact stories and happenings, that take place inside Delhi’s D.T.C. busses on a daily basis!


5.Hindi Medium


Director Saket Chowdhary made a recent flick which is so nuanced that it built a real connection with viewers. The story was undoubtedly about the overwhelming importance the language English is given but the Nexus it made specifically with Delhi people was very genuine. The changes that the couple went through, like shifting from ‘Chandini Chowk’ to posh Delhi locality gave us considerable information what convent education in Delhi underlines.

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