Truth Or Dare Movie Review: The Trailer Is Better Than The Film!

The story of the film is about few college friends whose lives spiral out of control when they fall prey to a demonic game. The trailer of the film has scary moments and these are the only ones in the film as well. The production house of this film has given an Oscar-nominated horror film. This is one of the reasons that viewer’s expected much more. But unfortunately, it is a film which is full of clichés. The friends from some college (who are the characters in the movie) play a ‘truth or dare’ game in a monastery in Mexico. The game speaks the simple rule, that says tell the truth or you will die! There was a scene in the movie in which a guy has to tell the truth in order to get out of the choking closet and save his life. Another girl was dared to sleep with her best friends boyfriend. These ideas sound good but only on paper, On-screen they appear silly.

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The satanic smile which characters put on their faces appear like a fascinating exercise in stupidity. To add more to it, the dialogues leave no stone unturned to ruin the film. They are too simplistic and ineffective, It looks like they are written by a 10-year-old kid. Lines like ‘Oh My God!’, ‘We Have To Go Now’, ‘Are You Okay’ fall flat and are totally unconvincing. The acting is ineffective as well. The characters overreact at the point of exhaustion. The movie would have been good if the acting performances would have been real and better.

Another mistake that happened to the film is the imbalance. The digital aged people look too smart on-screen to get scared of the demons and souls. The main problem is the plot of the film. There are so many horror movies across the world which are based on the idea of ‘college students playing the game and then caught by horrific beings’. This was the first alarm bell as the movie started. Just after 20 minutes, the audience would have definitely gauged the future of the movie. A total waste of time!

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