Victoria and Abdul Is A Movie About A Subject Which Britishers Always Wanted To Hide!

Victoria and Abdul is a movie about a subject which displeased Britishers the most!


An upcoming film based on a book written by Shrabani Basu, which delved deep into the friendship which was shared between Queen Victoria and her attendant from India has kinds of stuff to offer which is not known to many. The rule of Britishers in India is filled with many black nights and harsh realities which have eclipsed anecdotes about human connections between some people from both the nations that happened during ‘British Raj’. Most notable of them was the camaraderie and warmth which was shared between ‘Queen of England’ (Victoria) and her servant from India (Abdul).

Actor Ali Fazal has portrayed the role of Abdul in the flick and has dispelled some facts about the film and his experiences during the shoot of the film while talking to the media. When he was enquired about his experience of working with legendary Dame Julie Dench, he said: “we were like kids running around to get time, relax and learn our lines.” He also said that for few days he was in awe of her but it became normal as shoots started.


Further interactions with media also revealed that Ali Fazal loved his character as an Abdul, who was an attendant from India for Queen Victoria and later became her friend. He said that for him the character was someone who took the opportunity and moves forward befriending the great queen. Off course the British Royal Family always tried to hide the strong bond between them, but eventually, it had to come out to the world. This flick has already been screened at many International Film Festivals and will hopefully hit Indian theatres in December 2017!


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