Victoria And Abdul Is A Platonic Movie But Shows Intense Relationship Between An Indian And A Britisher!

A hidden story that has been brought to screen by director Stephen Frears, having Dame Judy Dench and Ali Fazal in lead roles. The movie is an adaptation of the book written by Shorbani Basu by the same name but has its own dramatic and fictional elements to make the story interesting on celluloid.


In the movie, we see Queen Victoria so world-weary that she no longer cares about anything. She lives a queen size life and is enchanted by a servant from India, for no specifically told reason. From here she develops a strange and twisted relationship with this man (Abdul), and from a very point, a saga of great camaraderie and an intense admiration of this lady ruler with Abdul begins.


Talking about the characters, Ali Fazal as Abdul Karim is as natural as it can get. Judy Dench has really become the character while playing this part. The authenticity is genuine but the overall take of the movie is innocuous which makes it more enjoyable.The film is an amazing story of a platonic but passionate relationship between Victoria and Abdul which defies all the boundaries, do give it a shot!

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