Vidya Balan Talks About The Dark Side Of Film Industry And Her Upcoming Movie ‘’Tumhari Sulu’’

The actress who has broken the stereotypes for ‘heroines’ in Hindi cinema and has made her space with her individual personality in Bollywood film industry deserves accolades. She is not afraid of calling spade a spade and has come out speaking very blatantly about the recent Hollywood mishap about producer Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual harassment.

During an interview actress, Vidya Balan was asked whether she believes that cases of sexual harassment and casting couch have always been an open secret here in India and what is her opinion on this! The actress replied by saying that undoubtedly these ‘dark kinds of stuff’ are like an open secret in India and there are shocking reasons behind women not coming out and speaking about it. Unlike in west where big celebrities are coming out and naming names without any fear, here in our nation most of the times women are themselves blamed for inviting such offences. These women do not want to be known for such controversies or troublemakers and this is one of the reasons that they keep quiet.

When the pretty lady was asked about what pulled her to say yes to the ‘Tumhari Sulu’ script, with a gleam of excitement in her eyes she said that when she heard the script of the movie, she felt that it was one of the best scripts she has heard in the longest time. She went on to say that being a homemaker who is not afraid of what people will think of her is a tough task for women in our country even today and that is what ‘Sulu’ (main character of the flick) is all about. The actress is having positive vibes about the movie and wishes it to strike a chord with the viewers. The film is slated to release on 1 December 2017.


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