Vodka Diaries Movie Review: Thumbs Down Impression

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Vodka Diaries is set in magnificent snow covered areas and begins in a whodunit manner, but quickly becomes a sheer time waste. Talented actor Kay Kay Menon here plays a local cop monikered Ashwini Dixit who is involved in the investigation of multiple killings that have taken place in one night! All these murders are shown to be linked to a nightclub named ‘Vidka Diaries’. The murders are of heinous nature but the characters are not impressive. They are only introduced to the audience for a transient time which is so short that the viewer’s find it hard to recall their identities after they are murdered.

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Things become darker when Dixit’s loving wife goes missing and the lines between imagination and reality begin to fade out. To some extent in the starting, the film will appear to be a curious tale but the director Kushal Srivastava has failed to put the speed and tonality of the film in the right order. Mandira Bedi has played the role of Dixit’s wife and the relationship between her and her husband (Dixit) is cute and charming. In the scene, they examine Shikha’s (Dixit’s wife) banal poems through which Dixit finds some clues about the murder cases he is investigating. The humor in the film has really bad timing due to which they have appeared awkward.

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Sharib Hashmi is cast as a funny deputy of Dixit and has been given mushy one-liners which do not make much impression. Raima Sen here is portrayed as a mystery woman who comes now and then and basically is helping Dixit to form a picture of the puzzle pieces, which Dixit is receiving in form of clues. Even this tactics does not help the movie’s complex and implausible script. The revelation, in the end, will definitely make you cringe because the flick will show something totally against to its own logic which it adopted in the beginning. Kay Kay Menon tried hard to make the movie work with the stupid material he has given but did not succeed.

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