‘You Are Looking Like A Sofa’, This Is What Deepika Padukone Called Ranveer Singh!

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After the massive success the actress received from her latest Bollywood film Padmavat, she is today one of the most celebrated actresses in Bollywood! Yes, we are talking about the poised and dimple-cheeked Deepika Padukone. There were so many threats and obstructions when shoots of ‘Padmavat’ was going on, but all the chaos did not flutter the confidence of this star. She kept quiet and followed the philosophy of ‘action speaks louder than words’. Here she is now, giving an interview and patting herself on the back for the huge success she got and the hard work she put in.

In this narrative, we are going to share an anecdote from the actress’ life which will make you go ROFL. In an interview by a media channel, she revealed that there was a party that she gave and asked the guests to wear black and golden colored clothes as she kept this color combination as a dress code. Undoubtedly, Ranveer Singh, her beau was also attending the party. The funny thing happened when he entered the venue dressed in all black and a shiny golden overcoat, his lady love burst into laughter and called him ‘Sofa’. This made everyone in the party go mad with laughter.

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The other interesting thing that the actress revealed in the same interview was that she is very simple in living her life, Her favorite thing to do is doing her paperwork at home and cleaning her cupboard. She does not take the household work as a responsibility and loves doing the common household chores. The other thing which may come as a surprise to her fans is that all the news that has been recently spread about Deepika and Ranveer’s marriage is a rumor. In the same interview, the ‘Tamasha’ actress told that she is interested in getting married and sees herself as a working wife or mother who is balancing her home with work, but this is not the right time for her to get married. She even went on to say that when her inner voice tells her to get married, she would be ready to tie the knot. Currently, she is busy in helping her parents in the interior designing of their new home in Bangalore! Oops!!!

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