New Take On Old Fashion For 2018!

Old trends are never old, it is just a perception that makes a difference. However, there have been some fashion trends which have been age-old but have never gone out of style. ‘Old is Gold’ was not a phrase that was made without sound logic and experience, it actually had a magical truth. Here for 2018, we bring you predicted style trends, that will be ‘new avatar of old trends’ in an improved manner and will surely make heads turn. Here are some of them!

1.Big Florals


If we look at all fashion shows on global platforms, big florals were nid from big designers. From maxi dresses to cropped pants, a patch of florals was present everywhere. Florals were loved so much in 2017 that they are giving us a glimpse that they are not going anywhere soon. In fact will be present in 2018 with experimental and improved designs.

2.Self-Designed Creative Sleeves

creative sleeves latest.jpg


Well, art on sleeves can make or break your look. These days, a lot of designers are giving funky look to the feminine dresses by giving peculiar art-design to its sleeves. Somewhere they are adding a bohemian look and at other places, they are showing a diva that you are. Go on girls, make your own arty cuts on your sleeves and take on the world!

3.Pencil Skirts

pencil skirt latest.jpg


These can never go away from the wardrobe of any girl in any year. They fit in for office appeal and when paired up with shimmery crop tops, they immediately get transformed into a party-perfect cloak. The length of these till knees and below are favourable for 2018!

4.Tailored Denim

tailored denims latest.jpg


They were present everywhere (in every global fashion shows) this year. From Lakme to Toronto Fashion Week, washed hues to dark saturated colours, denim jackets ruled the ramps. Experiment them with all dresses with coned heels and wedges to get a confident and dominant style for yourself!


trenches latest.jpg


Days are gone when trenches were worn only on sarees and pull-overs to bring a formal look. Now, wear trenches on everything and make it your own staple style. Wearing trenches on outfits like jumpsuits, one-piece and on long pants are appealing very much contemporarily. Therefore, hopes are very high that this trend will lead to 2018!

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