10 Hacks To Style Your Sneakers


Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes ever made and you will not disagree with this, no one will. Even Aphrodite herself would agree that yes sneakers, are our full-time saviors.

We all do have our share of fancy glittery heels throw on for the Saturday night, but we all know, we are partial to our sneakers a little more.

Have a date night but want to play hard to get and don’t want to put too many efforts? Go for sneakers. Have a casual summer party to attend? Go for sneakers.
Need to pack less for a weekend getaway? Pack your sneakers.

So here’s one for your favorite pair of shoes. 10 tips and tricks to style your sneakers.


1.Keep it simple

A boyfriend paired jeans, an oversized t-shirt, and your sneakers. Nothing could be simpler than this, could there be now?



2.Get Tumblr-ish

A dark plain skater dress paired with light shrug will work wonders with your plain white sneakers.






Blue skinny jeans with a white t-shirt can never disappoint you. NEVER. Don’t forget to pick your white sneakers for this.

Quick tip: You can always carry a jacket over or not, upto you.




4.Sneakers with suiting? Why not!

Be the cool boss at the office and try this out. Hello, new intern, don’t worry you won’t be fired; it’s a pretty good look to help you survive.




5.Play with colors

Don’t always go for black and white, make a statement, go for colors like mint and pink and let your shoes do the talking!

Quick tip: They look super cute when paired with black outfits.




6. The off- shoulder trend

White off shoulder tops are the most trending piece of summer’17, so go for them with short and be walking the street with the perfect food.




7.Chill out in the t-shirt dress

I favor this look over anything. It is the perfect look for someone who is as lazy as me. T-shirt dresses are the cutest and the easiest outfits ever.





This one’s straight out of your cupboard. Denim shorts, basic t-shirt, white sneakers BOOM you are done

Quick tip: Caps are pretty in this season. Play with colors, or go for basic: your call.




9.Stripes never go out of style.

Take out anything in stripes that you own and wear it with your white shoes. It’s an outfit that can never go wrong.




10.Quotes and Memes

T-shirts talk. Let them do the talking with shorts and skirts and jeans and almost anything and everything but with the perfect shoes.



Go on, try them out and let me know which ones were your favorite picks from the list x

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