Why Sunglasses Make You Look Hotter?

Sunglasses Make You Look Hotter!

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Haven’t you guys noticed? Everyone just goes a level up in style as soon as they sport sunglasses! Yes, that is true. While ‘Kaala Chasma’ has ushered ‘brides with shades’ other people are having them on just to pump up their custom look! Vanessa Brown, the author of ‘Cool Shades: The History and Meaning of Sunglasses’ has said that sunglasses cover the misfit between eyes on face and since the general research have found that people are attracted to symmetric faces( which is considered general perception of beauty), shades just jazz up the vigor of the face.


A tip for all fashion conscious people out there. Whether boy or a girl, if you have a square face, go for big oval shape glasses and vice-versa. Renowned designer Ritu Beri says ‘ The right pair of sunglasses help you focus on the jawline, and make it look sharp and chiselled. They hide your eyes and add a certain mystery.’’ How true! Isn’t it? Take an example of Hollywood celebrities. Lady Gaga shows her different style by wearing shades most of the time, Kanye West, Victoria Beckham are rarely seen without their ‘’lorgnette without handles!’’



Sunglasses do wonders, celebrities wear them to hide their moods (public appearance after a break-up is an epitome) and people often take them as their ‘sense of celeb style’. Not only this, eyes are very delicate and they do need protection from the chaos all around our environment. So why not protect your eyes with a sense of vogue!

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