10 Types Of Heels You Should Distinguish From One Another!

Types of heels you should distinguish from one another!

Heels are females’ best friend and an essential style quotient since ages. From Queen Elizabeth to Queen Victoria, heels have played important role in defining personalities from dynamic to sexy and myriad of others. Here are ten types of heels which every girl should know about!


1.Kitten heels


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These heels came in fashion by 1950s and were mostly adopted by teenage girls. These were most popular among young teenage girls as these footwear has little heels and very high heels looked inappropriate for girls in their teens during those times!




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Today pumps are fashion quotient but they were worn by servants (without heels) in the 1500s in history. At that time they were called ‘ pompes’. Now, they have been transformed into stylish footwear with heels attached to them!



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As its name suggests, these are heels which are cone or conical in shape. The size and the design of ‘cone shape’ in these heels can vary but they resemble a cone necessarily!


4.Platform heels


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Salvatore Ferragamo (an Italian designer) first came with this design. The main purpose of platform heels was to provide comfort in walking with heels and this is how the concept of raised base all over the footwear came into existence!


5.Spool heels


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These are the heels which resemble an hour-glass shape as they are narrower in the middle. They do not have pointed end, so they are considered ‘practical and comfortable’ heel combination.


6.French heels


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These heels were very popular in the 1920s but vanished by 1930s. They are small heels and much resemble spool heels but are substantially smaller in size. Bows are used for embellishment mostly in this type of heels.


7.Oxford heels



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Footwear with Oxford heels look like shoes from front and have an average length of heels like those of cone. These are paired with blazers and are popular style quotient for winters in many western countries.


8.Comma heels


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They come under the “stiletto” category. The only difference they hold is that they have a slight curve in their heels and hence the name “comma heels”.


9.Espadrille heels


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They used to be full of straps and flat. They have been transformed from flat to heels with the same design and are mostly considered bohemian styled heels.


10.Fantasy heels


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They type of heels have all embellishments. One can call it a mixture of all types of heels and styles. They are experimented heels with all kinds of fantasy designs as its name suggests.

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