Why Celebs Get Annoyed Over ‘Paparazzi’s At Airport

Lot has been written about ‘Airport Looks’ of celebrities lately. They are clicked by shutterbugs at the airports and then are scrutinized and even shamed on the internet. There have been a lot of debates and discussions regarding ‘privacy’ that celebs should be given but nothing much seems to change. Now and then celebs are snapped and are subjected to be ridiculed at social media platforms. Here we have five celebrities who have spoken about this mad trend going on!

1.Shahrukh Khan

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King Khan who has a view of looking presentable while making public appearances has an entirely different perception about ‘Airport Fashion’. He says that everyone should have a liberty to wear what one wants and questions why should celebrities be an exception! He also disclosed an incident where his team stopped him from wearing same cargo pants for the third time and this incident made him wonder about the mind-boggling attention that celebs are subjected to!


2. Sonam Kapoor

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The ‘fashionista’ of Bollywood whose fashion game had always remained on point says that she wants to be left alone at her journeys. She goes on saying that she hates when shutterbugs start clicking pictures as she lands on the airport.


3.Arjun Kapoor

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He has straight facts to say! Simply putting the fact across, Arjun Kapoor says that one should not wear something uncomfortable to please people. He also adds that he will always pick comfort over everything else and is not at all affected by getting flak for not being ‘stylish at the airport’.


4.Kareena Kapoor Khan

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Bebo says that the ‘Airport trend’ has evolved to such an extent that everyone is forced to follow it. She further says why can’t celebrities wear a pair of jeans and tees on the airport or anything else they want to!



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Seems like Kajol is miffed for many things with the media. Initially, it was about harassing ‘celeb kids’ and now it is about ‘Airport Trend’. Calling ‘Airport Trend’ as ‘idiotic’ the actress says she cannot understand the hue and cry that is associated with such a ‘silly thing’.


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