Same Ingredient Diet? Does It Really Benefit?

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All of us have seen cows munching the same stuff all the time. Is it not? They just chew the same thing for hours and hours. Sometimes, dietician gives stern diet chart that consists of a single ingredient when we are on a mission to lose or gain weight. Has it happened to you as well? A common folk will think how can a human remain eating just a single thing when ‘variety is the spice of life’ is all we have been taught! But the so-called ‘educated people’ and snobs will see this ‘common logic’ as a contempt due to ‘heavy degrees’ they have attained while studying body requirements.


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However, life is simple and not as complicated as people make it. When dieticians give a diet chart consisting of a single ingredient, there is a risk factor associated with it. In fact, it is just not a risk but a sure theory that in the long haul this diet is going to affect the body negatively. According to a survey where a client was kept on a moong dal diet, what she was allowed to eat was moong dal dishes day and night. The forms of the dishes changed but the ingredient was same. The results proved due to high consumption of proteins were kidney problems affected and drastically increased uric acid levels!

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Also, extreme high protein diet leads to gout. The thing to understand here is eating only one kind of food in order to increase the lack of some protein leads to the deficiency of other proteins in our body, which is somewhat a form of ‘malnutrition’. We ‘humans’ are not cows and our body is not made in a way to adopt only single ingredient. Even if your body feels filled, there is always some important ingredient which becomes absent from body’s intake. So, it is right to ask your dietician about other stuff you should take while surrendering your body to such diet plans. More than anyone else, it is our responsibility to take care of our body after all!

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