10 Reasons Why Drinking Water In Copper Vessels Is Beneficial


Have you ever wondered why some restaurants serve water in a heavy set burnished metal colour flask and tumblers?

You would have seen the same at a health conscious relative’s house, in the form of a flask or a water dispenser and sometimes even a small rectangle foil.

You would have seen tea shops heating water or serving water out of these type of flasks and vessels.

These are some of the forms in which copper is used in our daily lives. Why Copper? You may wonder. Well here’s why!


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It never goes stale

Water stored in a copper vessel lends to protecting and cleansing it of finer impurities that filters and RO cannot detect.

It is a ph balancer

Our body is said to be made of 3 doshas (vaatha, pittha and khapha) and water which is stored in copper vessels for minimum 8 hours is said to help in balancing them.

It aids in better digestion

This is due to the non-effectual nature that water gains due to being in contact with copper and is charged with anti-bacterial properties that aid in better digestive processes.

It aids in a variety of preventive measures

Copper powered water is highly known for it’s anti -viral and anti – inflammatory that can help ease stomach sores and other internal problems.

It helps in slow aging

This water is known to have antioxidant power and cell regeneration capacity that aid in reducing the fine lines of age.

It aids in the prevention of cardiovascular problems

Copper infused water is said to help in the maintenance of Blood pressure, heart rate and low levels of cholesterol. It is even said to aid in the health of cardiovascular muscles as it has been documented as dilating blood vessels to allow better flow of blood to the heart.

It helps in the prevention of Hyper/Hypo – thyroidism

Copper helps in the optimal working of the Thyroid gland. Copper powered water helps to keep the balance of the gland in check and helps in overriding deficiency.


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It helps our body to reduce weight

Copper water not only helps in fine tuning digestive processes but also aids in the elimination of impurities in the digestive tract. It also helps supercharge the body to break fatty cells easily aiding in weight balance.

It helps reduce Arthritis based pain

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties it possesses, copper water helps in reducing the pain caused by inflamed joints. It has further been known to promote bone and immunity strengthening.

It has been known to keep Cancer at Bay

The great antioxidant properties of copper help keep reactive toxic cell pairs in check and negate the prolonging side effects. This helps cut down chances of cancer due to caused toxic cell structures.

These were some of the many various ways in which copper infused water helps in maintaining a very healthy lifestyle. So why not take a positive step and start using copper vessels!


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