11 Words You’re Pronouncing Wrong!

English is a funny language. It’s full of words that are mispronounced all the time. The way you pronounce words, gives away how better you are at English. No one likes to be corrected but everyone likes getting learned. So here are 11 everyday words some of us might be pronouncing just the wrong way.

  1. Pronunciation: To begin with, the very word ‘pronunciation ’. We often hear it pro-noun-ciation. Next time on, don’t pronounce it this way. Say it pro-nun-ciation and you’re right.
  2. Asthma: Winter is already here. As cool as it sounds, it comes with a nasty package of cold & asthma. How have you been pronouncing this word? As-tha-ma…something like this? Az-ma… or something like this? Yes the second is correct. Az-ma.
  3. Pizza: We all eat pizza, don’t we? But do we all pronounce it right? Woah! For some delicious reason pizza sounds tastier when pronounced right. It’s not ‘pizza’ as the spelling , neither it is ‘pitsa’. It is peet-zuh. Got it? Peet-zuh. Next time you order pizza you’re gonna order in style.
  4. Salon: This is the most mispronounced word. People always confuse it with Saloon. Unfortunately 98% of the Salons have hoardings with the spelling Saloon. So where do you get your hair dressing done? Salon Sa-lawn (a as in apple) not Saloon (su-loon).
  5. Sponge: Yes you know this. But for who don’t know, it should be pronounced as ‘spunge’
  6. Suite: Don’t confuse this with suit. Suit has several meanings one of which is a set of clothes. But suite means a set of rooms and pronounced the same way as sweet. Tada! How sweet is that…
  7. Sour: Yes, this is the taste of lemon and also the taste of some people’s sarcasm ..just kidding. Well, concerning the pronunciation it’s not saar or soar. It is sa-wer, similar to shower.
  8. Video: Reason be the increase in technology or decrease in internet charges, we watch at least one video every day. But how many times are you pronouncing it right? If you’ve been saying it vee-dio then you’re making a small error. It is no vee-dio , it is vi-dio.
  9. Picture: Pictures have become part of our lives. Well, not exactly the majority, but there are some people who pronounce it pit-cher. But the correct one is Pik-cher. ( Hey, wanna sound more posh? Try saying it Pic-shur)
  10. Quote: All this while I’ve been confidently pronouncing it as coat like in rain coat, until recently when I learnt it’s proper pronunciation and I was like WTF!! The right pronunciation is kwo-te. (Tbh , you can still pronounce it as coat coz its not gonna make much difference….sounds like a useless tip lol)
  11. Meme: Saved the best for the last because this word is trending. Memes have become fashion of the day. Let’s keep the fashion going but don’t say it Me-Me (you don’t wanna sound like a chirping bird,do you?) .The right pronunciation is Meem not Me-me.

And finally, a small tip for reading through the last.

Anyway: This has nothing to do with the pronunciation but with the usage. Often we hear the word ‘anyways’ instead of ‘anyway’. Now please stop adding that extra ‘s’ at the end. It’s a non-standard form.

Now try using these correct pronunciations and take your English to a better level.

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