25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25


Better an oops than a what if! The only life worth living is a life without regret, and not everyone gets to turn 80 and look back on their life and smile because they have lived their life without having any regrets. So here we bring to you 25 things you should do before you turn 25 so that you can be one of those people mentioned above. Happy living!



1.Make peace with your parents
   You finally realized that they always wanted only the best for you, or end up loving them for who they are, call it off with them. There is no way you can happily enter adulthood without their consent.

2.Make peace with yourself
Learn to love yourself. Nobody can love you more than yourself. Self-love is the best love x

3.Kiss someone out of your league
You really don’t have anything to lose, do you? Kiss med students and models with part-time lives in Dubai and don’t worry if they’re going to call you afterward.

4.Work in a service
Learn how tipping works, how to keep your calm around annoying managers and cribbing consumers and how a kind smile can change someone’s day

5.Learn to say- NO to yourself
Stop keep smoking if you are disgusted by the way you smell the next morning. Ditch the heels if they are killing your feet. Stop complaining about not being productive and get out of that couch.

6.Save Money
You never know when you might lose your job, or have the urge to attend the biggest upcoming music festival. You always need to have savings. Even Rs. 500 a week is Rs. 26500 more a year than you would’ve had otherwise. Save whatever you can.

7.Travel Alone
It can be terrifying at first, but later it becomes one of the most liberating experience one can have. You can do anything you want, when you want, all on your own terms. You’ll challenge yourself in new ways that would never be possible with a travel partner. With fewer attachment and responsibility in your 20s, this is the only time you will get a chance to tick this off your list.

8.Find your cause, work on it
What do you care the most about? Children education? Girl child rights? A safer neighborhood to live in? Find your cause and devote yourself to it for some time. It will not only be a good thing for others but all for your sanity

9.Let it go
Things have just started for you, it is not the end already. Make a habit of cleaning up and letting go. Just because it fit at one point doesn’t mean you need to keep it forever — whether ‘its’ is your favorite pair of pants or your ex. Let it all go.

10.Be a little patient
Debt is hell and that degree may seem useless but you will figure it out. Maybe a little early, or a little too late; but you will. Point is that you are not worthless. You still have great things ahead of you. Be patient and work with what you have.

11.Revisit Places
The apartment you grew up in, your pre school, your hometown. These places may or may not be there forever, but you definitely won’t be.

12.Start a collection
The thing about collections is that they only get better and remarkable with age. They take time, a hell lot of time. So, start young and you will have one hell of a pile in the next decade to be proud of. Whatever it might be, anything from pictures to postcards to coins to camera, ANYTHING.

13.Do things
Go and read that book, watch that movie and listen to the band you already lied about reading, watching and listening to.

14.Identify your fears
And overcome them. Don’t settle for .0000002% of what the world has to offer because you are afraid of getting on the cruise.

15.Say it loud
Make a habit of telling people how you really feel. Be it fangirling about their new article or telling your boss how you deserve a raise. Say it.

16.Take a getaway with the gang
Not all friendships last forever. They need to be nurtured with love. And often life gets in the way of even our most thriving relationships. Make efforts to foster your friendships from the past, be it from high school or college. It might not happen again for another three to five years, but maybe a couple of days on the beach will be just the thing you need.

17.Recognize freedom
Be it a 5:30 am trip to the diner with a bunch of complete strangers, or a long walk on the beach all by yourself.

18.Find your roots
Genealogy might sound like a dorky word, but knowing the history of your name can be pretty cool. Your grandparents, uncles, and aunts won’t be around forever; so now is the time to ask them all the questions you have about the family history.

19.Work for someone you admire
Life doesn’t always knock you with opportunities to die for, especially when you’re applying for jobs with a little experience under your belt. But at some point, work for someone you admire. Make that your goal. Make sure it’s your #1 on your “To achieve”. It doesn’t have to be your immediate boss. Maybe it’s your CEO or someone your volunteer with or even shadow temporarily. But put yourself near them and learn everything you can from them.

20.Challenge your culinary skills
Whether you’re a Le Cordon Bleu chef or you’re still eating Mc Can fries, there’s always room for improvement in the kitchen.

21.Start a relationship
With your crush by telling them what you feel about them. Directly, look them in the eye and tell them.

22.Visit another country
More of an “EAT. PRAY.LOVE” reference, but you will find yourself.

23.Go outside
Watch more sunsets than Netflix. Make a habit of going out. See the light, forget the internet for a while.

24.Check off #goals
Be it buying your first BMW, or attending Tomorrowland Music Festival; check off at least one of your top 5 on your bucket list.

25.Live it
Quit the job that makes you miserable. End the relationship that makes you act like a lunatic. Lose the friend that brings negativity to your life. You are young, you are resilient. There are other jobs, relationships, and friends.

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