A Trip To Cinque Terre, Italy




A marvellous place in Italy which is known as ‘the land of five’. It is because travelling Cinque Terre fully makes you travel five villages of Italy which is an experience of total bliss covered with rugged coastline and group of fishing villages in Italian aura. Sit on the train which connects these villages and you will be in for experience for life!

When you decide to explore this place, the first village that comes in your way is Riomaggiore, which will offer blue waters, terraced farms and obviously delicious food. You can have boat rides which go inside old rocks which will definitely make you say ‘how great thou art’!

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While you go ahead after savouring the blue water experience, the train will take you to the area where hiking scenes are visible. The train connects these five villages but walking will make your journey touch the beauty of Cinque Terre closely. If you choose hiking, you will witness the ‘yellow and orange’ beauty of sunny days like never before. Here, you will see the yellowish buildings, cobbled streets, conical houses etc in various shades of yellow. So many hues of yellow that you will forget the count!

After hiking and sporting stuff, its time to refuel your body. Varieties of pasta encased with fragrant basil is a popular food available here. The smell will not just make your mouth water, but will also make you taste something which is nothing less than divine!

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A botanical garden and bird watching centre are another attractions where you can relax and immerse yourself amidst nature’s bounty. For a memory, one can take lemon soaps, bottles of Sciacchetra to present to your friends along with keeping some with yourself. It is a place which has an attraction one would not feel anywhere else. Add Cinque Terre on your bucket list now!

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