Hair Cut Heals Break-Up? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Self-healing is necessary and if you are in the desperate want of it, we have something for you in this narrative. Did you ever get a thought o slicing few inches of your locks from your head when a bad-breakup happened? Well, believe me, it was a good thought, it can make you feel better. Wondering how? Change is great and change is the only constant. It may sound cliche but it’s the ‘colossal truth’. When you cut your hairs, you bring a change to the old face which reminds you of the relationship that just got over. Unconsciously, your changed looks by slicing of your hairs distract you from your sulking and weeping mood. Do not feel embarrassed about the thought of hair-chopping after a break-up. Even big celebrities did that and that too with great pride! Katty Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Hyland are some examples.


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If you cut your hair after the breakup (go for ay style), it will definitely feel like cutting off the dead part from your body. Moreover, it makes you feel freer. Girls often do not want to get their long locks cut because they become so comfortable and emotionally involve with a single hairstyle that it becomes their insecurity. This is wrong. Not only from breakup point of view, getting a new haircut is necessary as it brings a sense of freshness and new energy which is essential to stay motivated and come out from the blues of life.

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Generally, we have experience that young mothers get a new haircut soon after their delivery. Reason-they want to let go of that era and want to feel a new energy in life. Changing your looks rekindles your quench for life. You become more productive and feel new. Do get different hairdos and get a haircut in order to have a constant positive change and zest for life.

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