Make Your Rakhi Special With These 6 Things!

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YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE SIBLINGS,” said all single children unceasingly and no siblings ever. Let’s be real. We only refer to them as our brothers and sisters because we have to.

Siblings fight. Pull each others’ hair apart and at times even organs. Make it their soul purpose to make your life miserable. But then the same siblings also help you sneak out at 2 am and lend you money when you are too broke to even afford an ice cream. And well, that kind of puts it all in the perspective.

Our parents leave us a little too early and our spouses and families come in a little too late, but our siblings know when we are in the most vulnerable form. And yes, if you don’t have a real brother or sister do this with any of our cousins because it’s the bond that matters and not the blood.

So this year The Junkie Xpress tries to bring you closer to them and would love to help you to strengthen your bonds with your annoying but always closest to your heart and secrets, siblings. Have a memorable Rakhi everyone…


1.Take a walk down the memory lane

Those first day of school and the first time you ever painted pictures are enough to make you two (or three or four) feel nostalgic and cherish the old times. Take out all old albums and DVDs and spend the day watching the two of you wear matching jackets even when you are ages apart; having the best time in Appu Ghar and learning how to ride bicycles.
These moments are going to hold a spot in your heart forever and bring you closer to each other like never before and well there is no better way to bond, right?


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2.Get him something

Trust me. For once shell, some money on something that he would love and you will not find him fighting with you for at least 2 weeks(?) Come on, who doesn’t love a present? And the act of you getting him something for the very first time will always hold a spot in his heart ( because obviously he never expected you to be nice to him; especially after he almost broke your teeth last month)


3.Go dine out

There is no fight good food can’t fix, there is no bond good food can’t hold. FOOD MAKES EVERYONE HAPPY. Food brings everyone together y’all. This will also bring you to forget the times when he ate your cupcake and you ate his pudding. So let’s end all fights and get to a new start? Because Family that eats together stays together.

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4.Write them a letter

I know it sounds cliché, but it is always a good idea to tell them what they mean to you and how important they are to you. If your brother is someone like mine, who doesn’t really wants to be anything emotional thinking it will make him less manly, he wouldn’t tell you how your letter meant the world to him; but deep down he would be crying okay? So go ahead. Write them a letter and be a little more cliché and put it under their pillow.


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Sounds vague right? But when was the last time you guys sat and had the most heart to heart conversation? Ages back, right? I know its tough to keep up with each other when all of you are busy with your lives but you are getting a day off. So leave all your work behind, sit down the Starbucks and talk. About anything and everything, Their love life. Your Memories. Their dreams. Anything and everything. And remember, what you guys talk about in the room, stays in the room. AND, BE SUPPORTIVE AND DO NOT START GIVING THEM LECTURES (If you are the elder one).


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6.Love them

People may come and go, but siblings stay there. Forever. They are your second parents and well in some cases even your first ones. They make sure no harm comes your way and love you with all your heart even when fighting for the remote. So do the same. Be there for them when they need you to be and yes leave the room when needed. Support them with everything and together you guys can take on the world.

Have a great Rakhi everyone!

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