Monsoon Tips: 12 Essential Items To Pack For A Monsoon Holiday


With the monsoons kicking in, there seems to be a sense of respite, from the scorching heat of the sun. The rains make the surroundings a lot greener and plants blossom in full swing during this season. Small children can be seen floating their paper boats in puddles of water, while the youth tend to enjoy a game of football. The elderly people can be spotted reading a book with a cup of warm tea or coffee besides them.

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Apparently many people are apprehensive about the idea of stepping out of their comfortable couches during the rains. They prefer to enjoy the rain and the pleasant smell of the moist soil, with hot tea and warm pakoras, while staying indoors. But the rains offer a pleasing sight and there are some amazing places one should definitely visit during the Monsoons. The Valleys in the Northern part of India are smothered with lush greenery, the rivers and channels in the coastal regions are flooded with sparkling bright water. The beach experience changes completely with the advent of rains. With the temperature being moderate and the nature providing a picturesque sight, the monsoon is an ideal season to go on a holiday with your family.


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For those who are planning to travel in this season, due caution shall be taken and a few necessary items should be taken along. A list of things to pack is given below to ensure a smooth and fulfilling vacation: –

  • Umbrella – A sturdy umbrella is a must, as the falling rains are often accompanied by strong winds.
  • Raincoat – A rain coat is an essential item to pack for a trip. It helps you in enjoying the rains to the fullest, without even getting your clothes wet.
  • Gumboots – Normal daily wear shoes are not waterproof and often lead to microbial growth on the foot if the shoes get moist. A pair of gum boots is recommended to keep your feet dry.
  • Small Towel – A pocket towel can come handy in wiping of water from sensitive areas.
  • Easy to dry clothes – Synthetic clothes are generally light and dry up easily.
  • Waterproof bag – A waterproof bag is preferred in order to save your clothes and other belongings from getting wet. Additionally, plastic or silicone pouches can be used to stack valuables like Currency notes, Passport, Mobile Phones etc.
  • Rain Cover for bags – If you plan on taking your regular non-waterproof bags for the trip, then rain covers for those bags become an integral part to keep your belongings dry.
  • Mosquito repellent – The monsoons is the time when mosquitoes breed and the number of people diagnosed with diseases like Dengue and Malaria are at an all-time high. Mosquito repellents and Mosquito nets should be packed with other stuff to protect you from mosquito bites.
  • Anti-allergic Medicine – There is a high chance of catching a cold, if you get wet during your trip. Packing these Anti- allergic medicines would help in the case of cold or an infection.
  • A hair dyer – A hair dryer comes handy in drying wet hair and clothes.
  • Air Tight Containers for Food items – During the rainy season, the moisture content in the atmosphere rises. The moisture adversely affects the food items and makes them unfit for consumption.
  • Anti-Microbial Cream – If your skin is exposed to water for a long time, it may lead to microbial growth on your skin. An anti-microbial cream would help you in the case of a microbial skin infection.




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