My Home Décor With Paisley

Paisley is one of the common designs which are found in Indian households. People have started bidding adieu to it with a perception that they are outdated and out of style. WRONG! Paisley is something that can never ever go out of style. Not only in India, but people internationally are experimenting with Paisley style to provide a different yet cultural appearance to their home décor. From Ralph Lauren to Laura Ashley, much such luxe is present to embellish your home with them Here are some few tips.

1. Mango Designs

paisley furnitures.jpg


Mango designs are getting quickly placed in bath furnishings. They provide a calm and soothing effect on appearance. Renowned Interior designer Samaira Chopra has an opinion that Paisley never goes out of fashion. She also adds that they are eco-friendly and large designs of Paisley over curtains give the profound impression of female power.

2.Summer Welcome

paisley flower.jpg


As spring is here, one can try bold motifs of Paisley on crockeries and cushions. The green colour used with flowers give strong artistic touch with the signal of welcoming summer.

3.Beauty and Fashion



The origin of the ‘teardrop’ pattern has always been debated. But if you ignore this and have a deeper look, you will notice that teardrop is one of those paisley patterns that has successfully stood the test of time and has never ever gone out of style. Also, fashion designers like David Abraham and Suneet Verma have a great affinity for this shape as they have incorporated these patterns many times in their clothing and even today are continuing the same. So go for Paisley and include them in a way you want, whether for styling your clothes or your house!

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