Aquatic Kingdom’s Most Weird Yet Amazing Creatures


We know that three-fourth of Earth is covered in water, technically oceans. You can imagine the number of species, mammals, creatures in it. Too many, right? Now imagine 10 0f them who are literally amazing. No no, all of them are; but some of them are quite special. It’s a lot of work to think about 3 such creatures, which is why we bring to you this article that has few of the most amazing creatures in the ocean world.

Sea Wasp

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Can we jump straight to the death rate? Sea Wasps are more responsible for deaths than snakes, sharks, and saltwater crocodiles put together. Shocking, isn’t it? A fatal sting from its tentacles can kill a human in NOT MORE than 3 minutes. It’s a kind of box jellyfish, that has enough venom to kill 60 human beings. Adding to the misery, even if you do not get stung by the full amount of venom needed to kill you, the pain is SO excruciating that it causes shock, and you will ultimately die by drowning (and in a lot of pain, may I add.)


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The fish looks as weird as it sounds. Yeah, it looks exactly like a blob.

Given the depths of water it swims in, blobfish do not possess swim bladders that most fish have – an organ that gives buoyancy but is ( image )inefficient at deeper pressures of water. Its skin is made up of a gelatinous mass that is slightly less dense than water itself. Its maximum length is about 12 inches and feeds primarily on sea urchins.

Tongue-Eating Louse

Clap clap clap, for right now you are going to read about the one of the world’s most GROSS and ODD creature, if not the grossest and odd creature. This parasitic crustacean latches onto the tongue of its primary victim, the spotted rose snapper and doesn’t let go. Once it does, the louse sucks the blood out of the tongue, until the organ wastes away. When that happens, the louse essentially becomes the new tongue, attaching its body to the stub of the old organ. It then feeds on the remains of food that the snapper doesn’t completely swallow.

Frilled Shark

Seen rarely, this shark is deemed as “a living fossil”. It looks ancient-timed and is more than often mistaken to be an eel.

It is said that its lean body shape helps it to strike at predators like a snake does. It has a big mouth with thin, shark teeth that help it to easily trap its prey.

This was our short, yet dangerous (highly dangerous, actually) list of aquatic animals that look weird and/or have amazing abilities. Please (I really mean it), please do not go to the oceanic waters in search of these… will die…GOOD LUCK


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