Common Phobias….what are you scared of?

So, what is a phobia? Phobia is a noun that means an extreme or irrational fear to something. You can have a phobia of anything, from feet to long fingers and spiders to dogs! Herewith is an ultimate order of common phobias. What’s yours?

1.Arachnophobia– this is a very, very common fear of spiders and it (sadly) affects women 4x more than men.

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2. Hippopotomonstosesquippedaliophobia – this is, indeed, a phobia. Trust me, it is. It’s the fear of long words. Believe it or not, it’s real.

3. Androphobia – the fear of men. It is commonly seen in younger females, although it can also affect older women.

4. Monophobia– this is the fear of being alone. Yes yes, sometimes being alone can affect us in an incredible way.

5. Xenophobia– this is the fear of the unknown. Getting scared of foreign people or things.

6. Pediophobia– an interesting phobia is pediophobia! It is the fear of dolls. Well, anyone would get pediophobia after watching the movie Annabelle, wouldn’t they!?

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7. Pedophobia– the fear of children/infants. Well true, sometimes the crying can be really irritating.

8. Philophobia– the fear of love. This phobia is fearing emotions, or falling in love; cause really, who wants a broken heart?

9. Apiphobia- the fear of bees. Honestly, no one would want angry red bites all over their bodies Hahaha.

10. Pyrophobia- the fear of fire. No comments on this one

11. Katsaridaphobia – ahah! This is the fear of cockroaches. Commonly seen in women but there are still some men who are scared of this. (Disclaimer- picture of a cockroach ahead!)


cockroach images

12. Taphophobia– the unforgettable fear of being buried alive…..and then dying of lack of oxygen! Phew, this is nauseating..!

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13. Astraphobia – the fear of thunder/lightening. This can be frightening… Yes! The rumble and grumble of the skies, pouring down their anger from above.


14. Agoraphobia – the fear of crowded spaces. Well, staying at home for these people is like a cup of tea.


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15. Vehophobia– the fear of driving. Oh my, this phobia affects personal and work life pretty much adversely. God forbid anyone gets this phobia.

16. Trypanophobia – the (hey this is really scary okay, i have this phobia) fear of needles! Injections beat the nuts out of people. You know, personally speaking, I used to delay my doctor appointments due to this. Also, they required 2 nurses to grab me by each arm and take me to The Chair ( injecting point).

Phobias can be pretty scary to those who have it. Some people aren’t scared of dolls, while some get ballistic when they see them! Some think needles aren’t scary, but those who had the phobia know how pretty terrifying it is. Hopefully, you got to know your fair share of phobias!

Enough for now…..we’ll get back with more interesting stuff!


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