Deadliest Cats You May Not Know About!

When you look at cats, you think about laziness and sunshine, flowers and smiles, meows and claws; but that’s valid only till domestic cats. The deadliest cat on #1 position is not the tiger, not the panther…..but a really small, really cute cat.

Keep in mind that the list is in no particular order, only the first cat is the best one, the rest are equally deadly.


This black-footed cat, nicknamed Gyra by researchers is the deadliest cat known to mankind. She can walk 20 miles at night, in one go, in search of prey. 60% of her hunts are always successful, and it crosses the success rate of every wildcat.



Titled as the world’s fastest animal, the cheetah can reach up to 70 miles in one hour! Many automobile companies have been inspired by its moves and body style, such as the Yamaha 21. Unfortunately, his speed results in light weighing mass, hence it cannot catch bigger preys easily. Usually, it catches its prey in less than 20 attempts. source


Pumas are one of the deadliest cats in the world. It is also known as El tiger and Cougar. It has an amazing forte of hunting a prey which is usually double its size. Pumas have one of the greatest ranges any other wild cat has. They are known to be one of the heaviest cats with respect to mass and height.



One of the deadliest cats we all are familiar with, lions have a minimum weight of 250 lb which exceeds to 550lb. It is one of the four Animals with the genus Panthera. They tend to live in savannas and grasslands. Even though lions are proud animals, the lioness does most of the major jobs of hunting for the group. Lionesses are faster, swifter and agiler than their male counterpart.



Leopards are one of the four cats that share the same genus Panthera. It is the smallest of the 4. They are found in large numbers and are spread across Asia and Africa. Leopards are known to hunt down any animal, it could be triple its size or smaller. They are agile and stealthy, which are the major factors that enable it to become a successful predator.



Tigers are apex predators and obligate carnivores. They are immensely powerful, and are skilled in tree climbing, swimming, running, pouncing and stealth. Tigers are considered beautiful because of their white-black stripes against their body coat.


Thank you for reading! Beware…..what if the cat next door scratches you and pokes your eyes out !?! Just jokin’, have an amazing life.


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