Rejoice Your Friendship Day With These 5 Board Games!

Friends and Board Games!

We love our friends. Well, that is why we are friends in the first place right? They do everything for us. Literally everything. From hearing us crib at 3 am about not getting enough sleep, to putting fake attendance for us. We love them with all our heart and can take a bullet for them too, (well at least for some of them). Friends are the family we choose.

But ironically our life long friendships do see a very tough phase and can be easily screwed with The game of LIFE and Monopoly in basically no time. For each one of us, these games become so much more than just games. They top our priority list and winning them is our greatest victory in that moment.

Board games are everything but just games. They have never failed in causing an unnecessary amount of rage, arguments, and sometimes even fights.

So this friendship day, we bring to you the best way to celebrate the day with your friends (or maybe the worst?) if you are someone like me who can’t drive or get drunk or well doesn’t want to get out of the house in general.


Tearing down the walls of friendship since 1935. From a rage filled board flip due to landing on Boardwalk or Park Place to an intense argument over suspected collusion, this game rarely ends well. You can either work together with others or go your own way as a lone wolf. In the end, someone always ends up burned.

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2.The Game of Life

Although a pretty innocent looking game at first, it is anything but. I personally haven’t seen the end of this game ever (by the rules). For me, it always starts with someone having the OCD of arranging all that money in proper stacks and ends with someone being too broke to buy another horse or give presents for another set of twins.

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This one might seem not that bad, but there’s one card that always ends up screwing someone over. That would be the draw four card. Not only does the next player get four more cards added to their hand, but has to skip their turn as well. On top of that, tensions grow throughout the game as draw two cards are played along with skip next turn cards, which doesn’t make it much better. The draw four is only the icing on the cake that is the imminent rage quit.




Risk is a game of luck disguised as a game of strategy, which means you can’t help but feel like an idiot every time you lose to your dumb friends, even though all they managed to do was roll higher numbers than you. The only tactical element comes from the negotiating, which always ends in tragedy. Alliances disappear faster than heterosexuality at a Lady Gaga concert; the second someone can exchange a set of Risk cards for some armies they’re going to turn around and crush you like the bug you are.


5.Ludo / Sorry

Simply by looking at the title of this game, you can already tell someone’s night is about to be ruined. The thing is, it’s actually a pretty good game. It’s all fun and games until your pawn gets moved back to the start by someone you thought you were friends with. What’s even worse is that nine times out of ten, they’ll sarcastically say “sorry” as if they were legitimately concerned with your feelings.


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Don’t say I didn’t warn you before.

Also, this post is dedicated to my squad, Shradha and Ritika. Here’s to you guys and our failed efforts of playing Monopoly and winning at Life. Thank you for letting me unbox life and having the OCD and becoming the ‘bank’. Life is always happier and much sorted with you two in it.

Happy Friendship day you all!

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