Be Careful! Your Phone Can Be Hacked In Just 20 Seconds!

Hacking a phone in 20 seconds? Are you kidding me? This might be everybody’s reaction right now. But Saket Modi, a hacking expert, and CEO of Lucideus Tech has evinced it!

In the recent years, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Smart phones are one of the propitious yet venomous inventions that we are using in our day-to-day lives. It has become an indelible part of our life. At times, it can become your mentor, teacher or a doctor with few taps ahead. The whole world can be experienced and enlightened with just a hand-sized phone. But are we really using our smart phones wisely? Possibly No! Cyber crime can be deemed as a loophole of this smart invention. Unfortunately, there are many teenagers who fall prey to such insolences.

Saket Modi, an ethical hacker has given a tremendous speech on this special topic. In the last few days, his video clip about ‘hacking a phone in 20 seconds’ is going viral on social media. While delivering his speech, he casually borrows a phone of a man in the midst of the audience. In a jiffy, he was able to access the man’s contact details, messages, GPS, call logs and surprisingly, even the phone’s microphone!

Saket also magnetized the access to his OTP’s, email and also he could reset his email password. Crazy right? Saket also added that a phone could be hacked only when the user is connected to the internet.


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The one thing that made me hibbie-jibbies was how facilely he could hack one of the most expensive phones in the world i.e; Samsung S8. There are many hacking techniques chronicled earlier, but this is something insane and I personally haven’t witnessed this before.

So, you might be wondering what could he have done in that 20 seconds that even the most expensive phone in the world got inclined to this vulnerability. All he did in that 20 seconds was just installing an ‘Application’. And, there he goes will all the personal stuff on his phone. For safety reasons, he didn’t mention the particular app that he used but gave us a pint of hint that the app is around 20 kb without any logo. Saket also mentioned that Android users are more susceptible to such activities than Apple users. Apparently, Apple users can chill out to some extent as they pose less risk factor in these cases as Apple restricts such permissions, unlike Android phones.

How to prevent your phone from hacking?

All you could do is just keep your phone for yourself and do not ever hand over to any such person where you might fall in risk.

In utmost cases, if you want to, just keep an eye on a person!

Saket also warned not to click on any unknown links that are nugatory.

What if your phone is hacked?

If you are worrisome that your phone is hacked, follow these steps:

1.Run a quick anti virus scan

2. Check if there is any unknown app installed. If any, remove them immediately.

3. If you are unable to access the data, then go to settings. There you will find ‘backup and reset’. Click on that, and then you’ll find an option, ‘FACTORY DATA RESET’.

Before clicking on that, you should be aware that all the data of your phone will be erased and will go back to its original state.

4. And lastly, if none works, install UNHACK app that will dexterously unhack your phone blocking permissions to certain apps.

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