Fidget Cube: Here’s What You Need to Know



Hey there! Wondering what I am? Look no further, I am the solution to your busy hands. The multi-faceted (and unfortunately overshadowed) fidget cube.

What’s so special about you?

I am sure you are thinking this as you look at me skeptically. Why, my dear friends! I am the 6 sided variety fidget toy you had wanted to lay your hands on (but never thought of).

Yes! That is right! 6 different sides!

I cater to styles of busy hands and can have you relaxed for hours without getting bored.

I am mostly made of vinyl and come in many interesting colours, but my purpose stays the same – to give you a way to chill out!

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Now let’s get to how my panels work!

1.Glide with the joystick

Just like the joystick from a PlayStation controller! It’s an enjoyable way to flex the fingers.


2.Flip it with the button

Tak..tak…tak… I can’t express how fun it is to keep snapping a switch (when you know you can’t blow a fuse)


3.Click it out with circles

Aah! Just like clicking away at a pen! What’s interesting to note is that 2 dots are silent, while the other 3 have the tic tic rhythm of a push pen.


4.Breathe with the oval

Just a small depression into the mould, but wow is it smooth. Press your thumb into it and breathe, letting out a sigh of content.


5.Roll away with the gears

Need I say more? Get the feels of both spiky and smooth gear parts as your fingers run over this side of the cube.


6.Swivel with the giant circle

Tricky, but satisfying. This swivel circle help your fingers practise to become a mini Dj!

Where can you get one?

Amazon, Aliexpress and any online retailer.

Highly recommended for anyone of any age. Especially if you are a student. Fidgeting has been shown to help keep burnout at bay.

So WHAT are YOU waiting for?

Get fidgeting NOW!


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