mAadhaar-A Step Towards Digital India


The Aadhar is a unique ID system, issued and curated by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which provides each citizen with a unique 12 digit Identity Number. The Aadhar also has the biometric and demographic data of the card holder and is the world’s largest Biometric ID system.

mAadhaar is an application developed by the UIDAI, which enables Aadhaar Holders to carry their demographic information i.e. Name, Date of Birth, Gender and other details as linked with their Aadhaar Number on their smart phones. The app goes in sync with the Digital India programme of the government. The app is currently available on the Google Play store, and Android users can readily download it from there.


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How to use?



The application can only be used if you have the same phone number working on your smart phone, which was used at the time of Aadhaar registration. On launching the app, you would be prompted to create a password. This password would be needed at the time of accessing any data. After the creation of a password, you would receive an OTP on your registered number to verify your credentials. The OTP would be automatically read by the app

The salient features and functionalities of the app are listed below:

1. Aadhaar Number Holder profile download – A convenient way to carry your Aadhaar number on your smartphone and access your pre-verified details anytime and anywhere.

2. Biometric locking/unlocking – In order to secure the biometric data, the app provides biometrics data locking. Upon enabling the Biometric Locking system, The Biometric details get locked and can only be accessed if the user unlocks (Time based temporary unlock) the data or completely disables the locking system.

3. TOTP generation – A feature which uses a Time-based One-Time Password, which is an automatically generated temporary password. This can be used instead of the existing SMS based OTP.

4. Update of profile – Users can update any of their particulars with the help of the app.

5. Sharing of QR code and eKYC data – An Aadhaar Number holder can share QR code and password protected eKYC data via Email, Bluetooth etc.


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The app is in complete sync with the Digital India Scheme of the Government and has security features like the TOTP and specific password. But problems may surface if your phone gets stolen or lost. As of now, the UIDAI hasn’t mentioned anything specific to phone thefts or loss, making the safety of the data a concern.



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