The Nuts And Bolts Of Fidget Spinners


A fidget spinner is a hand held toy, which rotates when a small amount of force is applied to it. A basic fidget spinner consists of a central shaft which is attached to the rotating part with the help of bearings. The rotating part generally consists of two or three protruding spokes, which on rotation provides a pleasant sensory experience.


Types of Spinners



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These toys come in eclectic variations in terms of: –

Color-All possible color combinations are available like red, yellow, green etc.

Rotation speed– This generally has to do with the number of bearings installed in a particular spinner

Material used– They are made from different materials like plastic, stainless steel, titanium, copper, aluminum.

Design– A basic spinner has two- three spokes, but in order to increase the speed and visual appearance some spinners even have five-eight spokes. A lot of these spinners feature cartoon characters, superheroes, famous logos in order to make such toys more marketable.

Other features– Some spinners even include High tech functionalities LED lights, Bluetooth connection.

Based on what works for the users, a user can customize the spinner and buy accordingly.


How to use a fidget spinner?

In order to rotate the spinner continuously, one has to hold the spinner in the primary hand and use the auxiliary hand to spin it rapidly with minute regular strikes. After sufficient amount of practice, one can master a fidget spinner and spin it using only one hand.

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Benefits of a Fidget Spinner:

  • The makers of such toys claim to help children with autism, ADHD by increasing the relative activity on their frontal and prefrontal brain areas. Although there is no scientific evidence to it.
  • Helps in resolving Anxiety issues and improve the attention span and concentration.
  • Another utility of this spinner is that it provides a mechanism to release any extra nervous energy possessed by students and employees, which helps them to work more efficiently.
  • Bad habits like nail biting, leg shaking, etc. can be quashed with the help of such spinning devices.
  • Provides a great sensory experience.

Disadvantages of a Fidget Spinner:

  • The spinner often contains certain minute plastic parts and very small ball bearings, which possess a choking hazard.
  • Spinners made of metal have sharp edges, spinning such spinners may lead to the finger’s getting cut.
  • Some school teachers in the United States of America have banned such spinners in the class room, as they find it to be a distraction.

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