WhatsApp Is Soon Going To Roll Out This Time-Saving Feature

Recently, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp has unveiled two new features called group description feature and voice-to-video switch feature. The group description feature allows the user or the admin of the group chat to add the description be it a purpose of the group or an update while the Voice-to-video switch feature lets the users switch a voice call to video call with the help of the camcorder icon that is placed just below the end button and vice-versa. However, this feature is rolled out only for Android users whereas the group description feature is open to both Android and iOS users.

whatsapp new feature 2018

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With many updates and features flooding from WhatsApp after testing it ardently, it has ensured to gain the masses’ attention rapidly. Now, according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is soon coming out with a new update that includes Search Stickers feature. This upcoming feature is reported to be submitted by WhatsApp through the Google Play Beta Programme.

Search Stickers feature

search stickers feature

Stickers are fun to use and to add more enthrallment to it, WhatsApp is going to roll out the search bar for making your stickers appear quicker with the help of the relevant keyword. When you type any keyword, all the relevant stickers that match the keyword will appear. In the doodle view, this search sticker feature is going to intrigue you. This feature will appear at the top of the WhatsApp stickers menu. However, the details of the feature are still ambiguous and this new feature is anticipated to go live soon for both iOS and Android users.

In yet another update, WhatsApp is also expected to release Advanced GIF search so that you could quickly search your desired GIFs through the categories. For now, TRENDING, LOL, LOVE, SAD, HAPPY and DANCING are some of the categories that it is going to support. Soon, it is likely to come up with more categories.

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