4 Most Embarrassing Things Boys Must Stop Talking Infront Of Girls!

Many times, someone says things that are too awkward and shy for a girl. It could be our class teacher, or our friend, or maybe even the boy next door. This is nothing related to feminism, just some important things you should keep in mind while talking to girls because who knows, they might not be comfortable talking about that stuff! Here’s a list of topics/questions you should not prefer talking to girls about.

Don’t talk about Periods

It’s not funny talking about a girl’s ‘periods’ (if you know what I’m talking about). Whenever she gets into ‘that week of pain‘, only she can tell you the amount of pain, fear, and loss of energy she feels. So if you are ever planning on joking about it, make sure no female body is present nearby.


No commenting on her breast

Here, I’m talking about your regular hey-hi-im-cool friend. Even if she has enormous boobs or tiny ones . You just cannot say stuff about it. Also, making snide comments on ANY body part is awkward as well as unacceptable.

Why are you still single?

This is embarrassing. It is inappropriate to ask a girl why she is taken/single. She can stay single if she wants. There’s no obvious reason. She’s not single because she’s a lesbian. She’s not single because no one wants her. She’s single because its her goddamned choice.

Do you see our relationship leading to marriage?

If you’re still new in a relationship, or it has been only 7-8 months, don’t say this. Your girl might enjoy being with you but if you ask her this question too early, she will be uncomfortable in your presence. So hold onto your horses and learn patience.

My own experience with this…

So like, you all must be knowing about his new movie- Padman. It’s one of the most trending movie talk in 2k18. The movie is about social awareness regarding periods. So, our class teacher suddenly asked us, “have you heard about the movie Padman?”. Yes, it’s not an embarrassing topic, but uh, when teenage girls hear this, they go RED BALLISTIC. Me and my fellow friends heard it too. Most of us turned beetroot red, and as far as I am concerned, i died on the spot because my soul left my body because of shame. Hahaha, these things happen with everyone, and there are also things boys feel awkward about.



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