Guide 101 On “How To” Survive High School

High school survival guide 101

Freaked about taking the big leap from middle school to high school? Relax babe, you got this. I know many of you find it hard to survive through high school and even the thought of it terrorizes you.Don’t worry we have got your back. If you are one of those, looking for survival tips; you have come to the right place. The rest of the article will give you all you need to make sure you make memories and keep them close to your heart, and not live a nightmare.

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  1. Dress to impress

    Not boys, not others; but yourself. It will boost your confidence and your performance throughout the day.

  2. Do not procrastinate

    No, you will not be able to do it tomorrow. Procrastination is your biggest enemy now. Finish it before the due date, don’t let things pile on.

  3. Do not skip classes

    Unless you have to, do not miss classes. No matter how much you hate sitting in that class, it’s important. It can be really hard to catch up on even if it’s just one class, so if you can be there. Be there.

  4. Make an older friend

    Befriend upperclassmen who can give ya the low- down on teachers and have your back well, almost every time you need saving.

  5. Make a study buddy

    Gossip is important, I get it. But so are good grades. Instead of grappling solo, just join a study group to stay away from dubiety. 

  6. Don’t let a relationship consume your life

    Yes, they are a wonderful thing to have, but your education comes first. Talk to your significant other about this and include the best of both worlds.

  7. Don’t give into peer pressure

    One of the most important lessons learned when growing up is to listen to the beat of your own drum. People will respect you more when you don’t follow the crowd. It takes a lot of courage to be your own person, and to be comfortable in your own skin; doing so will boost your confidence, and also make you the “cool” one ( if that’s what you are looking for)

  8. Challenge yourself

    Stop going for debates, when you know you can easily score ‘A’ in it without even trying. Instead pick a club, out of your comfort zone. Hello, border horizons!

  9. Do not waste your weekends 

    High school is all about sacrifices. You would have to miss the Friday night party to complete the project, to go out on Saturday. You need to learn to balance between work and social life and you will be able to get it all done and have a blast.

  10. Do take things slow

    Here’s a bit of guy advice: You don’t have to get a boyfriend as soon as you get into high school. Although it may seem tempting to leap into a relationship ASAP, explore your options, but there are more important things like work, friends, and grades. The boys will never disappear- that I can guarantee- so take your time.

  11. Do not forget your fam

    Yes, you are busy. You have parties to attend and shopping sprees planned but that doesn’t give you the pass to not attend the family dinner. Parents and siblings can always provide you with the best pieces of advice and reality checks. So reserve your time for them. They will always have your back, no matter what.

Well, follow these and have a little fun and you will have an amazing time, I can promise you that!

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