How to talk to a girl….?

One of the most bravest things a boy can do is…..ask a girl out. But maintaining an interesting conversation with a girl is a different ball game. You need GUTS. You need TOPICS. You need QUESTIONS. So this article is here to save your day with another girl, or should I say, with The Girl. Here are some good-to-go topics that will (definitely) help you talk to Her.


No no no no, if you’re thinking about going to her and saying “Yo girl, do you like me?” , then you’re absolutely going on the wrong track. By likes and dislikes, I mean, what kind of chocolate does she like, what clothing style seems totally lame to her, which country would she like to reside in, and stuff like that. Understand what she’s saying, and hammer out a nice statement if you share the same likes, like- “Hey! What a coincidence. I like the same thing too!” or “Damn, I prefer chocolate more than juice.”



Music is a great topic to build a conversation. Almost everyone has their own unique taste of music. Ask her what she likes to listen to, raps or edm? Does she know (enter singer’s name), if yes, then what album is her most favourite one?


What does she want to do in her life? Is she interested in social work? Does she plan to move abroad? Which college does she think is the best for (enter course).

Strike a magnificent convo- straight at her heart

Say, “Do you like animals?”. ‘Cause most of the girls usually like

animals. And its one thing to just like animals, and one thing to actually do something for them. So, if she implies upon the fact that she likes animals, ask her what she does for them, BUT EY, DO NOT OPPOSE HER BY SAYING WHAT SHE DOES IS REALLY LITTLE. Yes, trust me, don’t oppose someone , anyone, if they do something good for animals.

Rights and Wrongs

( for all genders)

Its okay to care about someone but it’s definitely wrong to not give them space. You cannot keep asking them about who they hung out with, where did they go, why did they go wherever they went, why are they not wearing the bracelet you gave them, etc. You might care a lot, but it’s wrong to force yourself into their lives.

Also, no means no. Its not that no means maybe and maybe means yes. If the person says no, it means NO. Hopefully this article helped you, thanks for reading! Bear in mind that if you use these topics and still she rejects you, it is not MY fault

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