How To Prepare For English Exams?

With the Board exams so close, each one of you must be striving and burning the midnight oil to pass your examinations for which you all have been studying for the past few months with awesome grades! So, here are some tips that you guys should follow so as to study for English exam without stress and tension and later on, get good results and party hard over your achievement because many students rant that the paper was lengthy so they couldn’t complete it in time and all.

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— just when the exam commences, go through the unseen passages thoroughly and try to comprehend the meaning. It’s better if you go through the questions first. It will help you find the answers even more quickly and you won’t be needing to read the whole passage. For the note-making question, don’t consume too much time in note-making and keep in mind that you don’t have to write complete sentences, you have to try to keep it as short as you can by using broken- English. That’s what’s note-making is. Use familiar abbreviations and do not exceed more than 6 abbreviations.

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— The minimum number of abbreviations is 4 and when it comes to summary writing, just mention the crux of the actual passage and stick to the given word limits.

Protip: Remember I told you to use broken English in note-making? In summary writing, just write whatever you wrote in note-making in complete and sense-making sentences.

— Coming to the writing section, it is telling to stick to the format – be it an article, report, invitation or even the advertisements, letters, notice or posters. It is very important that you are aware of the marking scheme for all questions so that your approach to the question becomes very opposite. Sticking to the word limit is very important in this section.

— Literature section, my suggestion would be to read the textbooks thoroughly, read all the chapters and poems so that you are very familiar with the extracts and can readily bang on the answers, plus, read the summaries. Google the summaries of these chapters. You’re smart kids, aren’t you?

— In addition to that, keeping an eye on time while writing, is again extremely important. Often it so happens that students complain about the paper to be ‘lengthy’. Make sure to wear a wristwatch during your exams, all of your exams.

— The next point is, which section to attempt first? Well, I would advise attempting the sections in this way- A>C>B. Writing section takes less time to complete as to the other two sections. Reading section is the most time consuming and make sure that you complete the reading section within 1 hour and fifteen minutes. Writing section takes maximum 45 minutes to finish. Rest is for literature and revision.

— Last but not the least, students need to be very particular regarding the revision of their attempted answers. This is a step which is neglected by the students. Trust me guys, you will definitely find silly errors which you’d like to correct so as to forbid yourself from losing precious marks. So, don’t be lazy and take revision very seriously and see how you fly high riding on your good scores.

And Good Luck!


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