How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs?

What’s on your leg…? Looks like a pimple….but ain’t one. Isn’t a boil either…

What is this thing? Here’s all you need to know about ingrowns! Your own very personal guide.

What is an ingrown hair?

Under skin hair, more commonly known as an ingrown hair, are hair that curls around and starts growing right back into your skin. It’s not a disease and doesn’t even cause any big harm, but it’s really irritating and really, really embarrassing.

What causes ingrown hair?

There are a few factors that are prone to ingrown hair.

  • Having naturally curly or coarse hair.

Those who have naturally curly hair are more prone to ingrown hair, as the hair usually just turn sideways are start growing into the skin.

  • Waxing or shaving your hair the wrong way

Sometimes, you accidentally shave your hair the wrong side. If it was supposed to go down, you take it up. That way, hair usually gets damaged and turns coarse.

  • Using proper razors and/or wax for shaving.

It’s usually difficult to notice, but sometimes our razors are devoid of the proper gel/clay guard. When this kind of razor is used, our skin can be scraped off and THAT results in ingrown hair.

How can ingrown hair be removed?

Most of the times, an ingrown hair goes away on its own accord; but if for some reason it doesn’t, doctors prescribe these medicines to extricate ingrown hair.

  • Exfoliating your skin daily. This will soften the hair, especially the embedded one, and tadaaaaa! Your ingrown hair is now just a hair.
  • Using a toner. We all have a toner locked up somewhere. Well, it’s time to use it. Rub it in with a cotton ball every day. It usually takes time, but eventually, your hair will either pop out or become a single strand.
  • Rubbing lukewarm water. Use a cotton ball and rub warm water on your ingrown hair patch. When it becomes soft, use a sterilized tweezer to pluck the embedded hair. Don’t pluck the entire hair out, or you’ll get infected.

How to prevent ingrown hair on your skin?

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These methods are commonly used to prevent ingrown hair…

  1. Use a sharp, single-bladed razor…or even better, just wax it off.
  2. Use a wet washcloth and rub your skin in circular motions.
  3. Apply a moderately thick layer of lubricating gel before waxing.
  4. Try to lessen the number of strokes you use to shave your hair.
  5. Apply a little olive or coconut oil onto your skin once a week, in circular motions.

What if the ingrown patch is infected?

Refer to a doctor. He/she will wipe an antiseptic and make a small cut. Then all the pus will flow out, on its own accord or it’ll have to be pushed. Either way, it does not hurt much, and it’ll totally be okay.

Is there any permanent solution?


Yes, there is. But only succumb to the permanent solution when

  1. You’re in for the long run and…
  2. You can invest a lot of time and money

The solution(s) are:-


So….Electrolysis eliminates the ability of the hair follicle to grow another hair….problem solved! The generating ability of the hair follicle is permanently removed- hence you are permanently free of unwanted hairs and ingrowns.

Here was a short yet good guide about ingrown hair! You can use the mentioned tips and get all ready for your summer!

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