A Letter To My Ex…


Dear Ex,

So here we are, you and me in this, together. Is this our end? Is that what we deserve? Were we supposed to do this to each other? Is moving on the only option we are left with? Didn’t we deserve better? Aren’t we still in love with each other? Don’t we still smile at the screen of our phones when we text each other?

You have a buried past, a sad and painful past. You stopped trusting love then and never ever thought of it again. But then I found you, fell in love with you. You were still afraid of your past. What if the history repeated itself again? But you are a brave girl and you decided to give love a second chance and you fell for me. We were so happy. I finally earned you and I felt like the happiest person alive on this Earth. Know why? Because you chose me.

But what is happening now? Why is it even happening? Can’t it be stopped? What made us break each other? What made each other say those things to each other that we were never supposed to say? Why? Even I don’t know.

But keep this in mind, you are my world and you always will be. No other girl can replace your place from my heart. You are the girl I always wanted to have by my side. You gave me everything what I always used to dream of and I guess you did even more than that. I may have said things that I shouldn’t have ever said. But you know what? I am a stubborn bitch, I am an asshole who doesn’t even know what is he speaking when he is angry. But I am not a monster. I never meant them.

Trust me, you will never have to give love a third chance. I won’t let you hate one of the most beautiful feelings one can have, love that is. You are mine and I will never let go of you. And I mean it.

I am the guy you deserve but not the one you need right now. So, we will try harder. We don’t have to start fresh. All we need is to trust each other and give each other more time.

I love you.

Still yours.



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