A Letter To Myself On How To Understand Love




Dear me,

I don’t know if you know it right now or not but one thing more magical and satisfying other than being in love itself is rooting for love. Cheering for someone’s love, for two people giving their hearts to each other, is beautiful. You tend to realize and recognize true love. You see two people who are in love, doing things for each other and you get an idea of what love actually is. It is beautiful to witness someone else’s love unfold. Cheering for someone’s love can make you a better person in many ways. You realize that it is not always important to be a rose yourself, you can watch a rose bloom and feel happy and content too!

You learn from them. You understand what love is when you see your friend doing everything to not let go of her lover. You learn from your friend how to stand up for your love as he does. You learn how to be in love. You learn how to say the three words without actually saying anything. Now some of you might say that we cannot learn from other people’s love and that it can make us delusional. But, I am not trying to say that you should learn how to ask and expect a surprise from your partner by drawing inspiration from that perfect couple at your workplace whose Instagram is flooding with perfect couple pictures. What I am saying is that, you should see what and how far can two people go for each other to make their relationship a success. So that when you will be getting deceived in a relation, you will know that this is not how it is supposed to happen. Learning from others can never be wrong, that is if you understand what you want to learn and how it will benefit you.

The feeling is almost like you are reading a novel and rooting for two fictional characters, isn’t it? All of us at some point or the other, have obsessed with fictional characters from books, serials, and movies. When we say, we want a lover like Mr. Darcy from Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, what we also want with a Mr. Darcy is the love that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy had. Or, when we cheer for Ron and Hermoine, we don’t just want a smart woman like Hermoine or a loving and funny man like Ron, we want the love they had.

Coming back to my initial point, rooting for two people to be together is pure. You gasp when she gasps when she gets to know that he did something for her. You smile when he smiles when he gets to know that she said something good about him. You love seeing them in love and so and if when one of them decides to breakup, your heart breaks too. You are so much in love with their love that you cannot imagine either of them separately. You cannot see either of them with any other third or fourth party. You believe that they should have their hearts broken from each other all over again rather than getting it attached to someone else. Yes, this can get creepy but when is being in depths of love, be it of any kind, not creepy?

So, that is how being associated with love in any way would make you experience all the shades of the emotions palette. And until you find your love, feel free to fall in someone’s love and learn from them. That way, when your love arrives on your door, you would have a faint idea at least, of how to welcome it rather than awkwardly continuing the conversation on the door itself.


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