A Letter To The One Who Crave(s)/(d) Closure


Dear you, 

Hope this letter finds you in the pink of mental peace and not in the greys of worries and anxieties. Ever since I got to know about your situation, I’ve wanted to write this letter to you. I wanted to tell you that I was in the same spot in my life a few years ago, where you stand now.


I wouldn’t care for videos on YouTube which stopped and buffered for eternity. I was not interested in knowing how the video ended. I did not care when there was a technical glitch and I could not see that funny movie which was airing on my favorite channel. I did not even try and rent the DVD of that movie. I was not bothered when I left the movie hall in the interval because I got a call from work. I did not want to know how the heroine dies and the levels of love the hero achieves. It did not disturb me in any way when I sat beside the window watching the rain and I noticed a paper boat float on the puddle but my mother called and I had to go without finding if the boat drowned in the sewage or continued floating in the tiny puddle outside my window. And worse, I did not bother to check afterward also.

     I thought something was wrong with me but I was not sure. I received clarity on my situation when I was reading my favorite author’s latest book on the subway and I got off the train absent-mindedly only to realize later that I left the book on the seat in the subway. And the realization brought no sorrows or regrets. I just walked away from my bag I thought the book was in and snuggled in the bed and slept. I did not care to buy the book again. And it did not bother me that I would not know how the story followed. Next day I crossed the bookstore on the way to my office and the same book stared at me from the shop window and that’s when it struck me. I no longer crave for a closure. I don’t care if things ended without any explanation or notification. I had habituated myself with abrupt endings. I had accustomed to the sudden full stops and was not willing to change it to a comma or a semicolon.



Source: Tumblr (self-edited)

That’s when I realized that I had turned a deep grey and I no longer cared if I wasn’t a light coloured bud with flushing white of innocence and inquisitiveness on my tips. Was it okay to be like this? Will I always be like this? I did not know. And till today, I don’t know the answer to both the questions. I guess we don’t get to answer some questions. We wait and try to find the answer. And trust me, I’m still waiting. But I’m no more a crimson now. I think I’m a violet. And maybe tomorrow I’ll be a bright yellow. I don’t think it’s important being a pink with a white flush on the tips anymore. But that’s how I have decided to shape my answer to the questions. You can go and most probably, will go on a totally different path and will be a totally different flower. And it’ll be okay. It always gets okay.

Currently a violet with specks of white returning on the tips.


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