An Open Letter To The One Who Is Always Late





I heard you have not come out of your room for a week. I thought I would write this to you because…just like that. So I know about you. Your life, your story and you. I know it started when you were little and your school bus which resembled some sort of yellow monster, would always leave minutes before you ran to the bus stop with your father, your water bottle swinging to and fro, creating a sad metaphor of how time always swings by just like that for you. It saw you being sad that the yellow monster had decided to leave without you and your father first prepping you up in the initial years but as you became a big boy, the prep talks changed to lecture sessions with the same theme every day, ie. how one should be punctual. You just listened to his lecture and told yourself in the mind that you will run faster the next time.

 Then you grew up a little and your friends planned a movie outing and everyone groaned when you ran again because they did not want to watch you running but the hero running towards the love of his life in the movie and they did not or, could not because of …well, you. So you listened to them groan and curse you and told yourself in the mind that you will never talk to your evil roommate, the snooze button ever again and try and run a bit faster the next time. A few years down the lane, high school was about to get over and you were only one assignment away from graduation but you messed up that as well. You ran through the corridor, and your teacher looked at you with a look which said, “Seriously? Again?” and as she delivered a lecture on how college will demand more punctuality, you listened and promised yourself that college will not see you running at the last moment. 


Then college came and all that your promises that you had made to yourself were left untouched in a dark corner of your dorm and again, all the submissions and deadlines for internships saw you running. Morning lectures were basically a test for how fast can you run from your dormitory to the academic block. And after a while, even afternoon and evening classes started testing your running skills. You sat down many times with yourself and introspected on how all this running and last moment completion of things is driving you crazy. But you also convinced yourself that all of it is not really hampering your heart and life in a serious way. Then as if to prove you wrong, life decided to give you one final reason to correct yourself. College got over and life started.

Amidst all the work and pressure, your heart decided to stop at that one girl who joined the office, one floor above your office. After a lot of practice, you said “Hi” to her and friendship bloomed and love happened. But, the time came and went and you did not make a moment out of it and well, she decided to walk away. And again, you ran. This time with tears and a heart which was not ready to talk to itself if she wouldn’t live in it and despite you running really fast and your heart racing with you at the same speed, you could not catch up with her and she left. You stood there numb. Images of your yellow school bus leaving, the movie starting from nowhere, your high school teacher giving you that disappointed look and college always being in the state of “10-20 minutes ago” started flashing in front of you. You did not know what to do with yourself. So you just went back home and rummaged your drawer for your diary and made an entry of one single line.

Don’t be late.



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